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Pinocchio: The Musical

Pinocchio: The Musical

Commonwealth Lyric Theater

NOVEMBER 14 - 17, 2024

Step into the whimsical world of PINOCCHIO: THE MUSICAL as it makes its grand entrance onto Boston's iconic Emerson Colonial Theatre stage. This reimagined classic is a hit for all, from kids taking their first theater plunge to grown-ups young at heart. Get ready to be whisked away into an enchanting world, where Pinocchio and his timeless friends meet vibrant new characters, weaving a story of thrills and laughter.

With breathtaking special effects and dreamlike set design, this show is a feast for the senses. Featuring a stellar cast that includes both renowned adult performers and emerging young stars, this spin on Carlo Collodi's classic Italian tale promises giggles and gasps, daring escapades, and heartfelt moments. Join the adventure and revel in the magic, where every scene is a celebration of Pinocchio's enduring spirit.