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As of April 2024

Emerson Colonial Theatre – An ATG Entertainment Venue

General Manager – Joey Riddle
Deputy General Manager – Morgan Cates
Director of Marketing and Communications – Meredith Mastroianni
Marketing and Communications Associate - Emma Bird
Ticketing Director – Molly McCormack Lebel
Assistant Box Office Manager – Casey Prokop
Customer Experience Director – Jill Costa
Customer Experience Manager – Preston Graveline
Facilities Manager – Paul O'Malley
Facilities Assistant – Michael Riemer 
Production Manager – Mercedes Roman-Manson
Assistant Production Manager – Jonathan Lang
Head Props – Patrick Glynn
Head Carpenter – Hunter Wollman
Head Electrician – Kirt Kaminski
Head Sound – Frank Puopolo
Head Flyman – Patrick Colantuoni
Assistant Carpenter – Phillip Higgins
Head Wardrobe – Erica Burke
Chief Usher – Carol Arlauskas
Assistant Chief Usher – Andrew Gerzon
Assistant House Managers – Amanda Mehlman, Andrew Gerzon
Box Office Staff – Caitlin Fitz Gerald, Carolyn Young, Layne Alexandra, Rebekah Oden

ATG Entertainment – North America

Executive Vice President, Content & Creative – Kristin Caskey
Chief Operating Officer – Hal Goldberg
Chief Financial Officer – Nicolas Larrain
General Counsel – John Rogers
Vice President, Broadway Programming – Nicole Kastrinos 
US Director of Human Resources – Maureen Slattery
US Director of Food and Beverage – Robert Yealu
US Director of Property and Operations – Sandra Toste
US Director of Ticketing – Jonathan Yestsen-Thomas

ATG Entertainment - Global Senior Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer – Ted Stimpson
Chief Content & Creative Director – Michael Lynas
Chief Operating Officer – Nick Potter
Chief Financial Officer – John Oldcorn
Chief Human Resources Officer – Sofia Fleming
Chief Customer Officer – Christopher Edgington
Chief Product & Technology Officer – Richard Zubrik