Live Theatre Tax Incentive Pilot Program

Pre-Broadway productions, pre off-Broadway productions and national tour launches generate a tremendous financial benefit to the states where those productions take place. As shows develop and go through technical rehearsals, productions often stay in markets for multiple weeks and even months on end. Money is spent in those cities and states by the production team, company, crew, staff as well as patrons that travel to see the show, stimulating local economies through hospitality, dining, utilities, retail goods and more.
These productions happen every year. We in the Commonwealth are currently at a competitive disadvantage to other states that currently offer a Live Entertainment Tax Incentive.

The proposal put forth in H. 1482 and S.1622 would create a tax credit as a pilot program for Pre-Broadway productions, Pre Off-Broadway productions and national tour launches across Massachusetts in order to attract this type of economic stimulus to the Commonwealth. It also draws first-class talent and programming offerings to the Commonwealth, enriching all of us through the benefits of live performance.

The proposal is currently pending before legislators at the State House.
House version:
Senate version:



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