Emerson Colonial Theatre – An Ambassador Theatre Group Venue
General Manager – Erica Lynn Schwartz
Director of Marketing and Communication – Robert Jones
Deputy General Manager – Joey Riddle
Box Office Manager – Molly McCormack Lebel
Assistant Box Office Manager - Casey Prokop
Marketing and Communication Assistant – Lauren Klein
Customer Experience Director – Alana McKenna
Customer Experience Manager – Jill Costa
Production Manager – Mercedes Roman-Manson
Assistant Production Manager - Ryan McDonald
Facilities Manager – Paul O'Malley
Facilities Assistant – Dan Eck, Angelica Morales
Head Props – Patrick Glynn
Head Sound – Frank Puopolo
Head Flyman – Patrick Colantuoni
Head Electrician - Kirt Kaminski
Wardrobe Head - Erica Burke
Head Carpenter – Hunter Wollman
Assistant Carpenter – Devin Higgins
Ambassador Theatre Group – North America
Chief Executive Officer – Stephen Lewin
EVP, Content & Creative – Kristin Caskey
General Counsel – John Rogers
Director of Finance – Adam Ball
Interim Director of Ticketing – Jonathan Yesten-Thomas
Director of Food and Beverage – Vincent LaRusso
Associate Producer – Bee Carrozzini
Programming Associate – Matthew Tanaya
Assistant Producer – Sally Lindel
Ticket Operations Manager – Jessica Bettini
Ticket Operations Assistant – Annie Fox
Ticket Operations Assistant – Molly Kilker
Digital Marketing Assistant – Tim Koch
Food and Beverage Manager - Lian Abad
Business Development Manager – Sally Shen
IT Relationship Manager – Peter Kalogiannis
Office Manager/Executive Assistant – Laura Fox

Ambassador Theatre Group
Chief Executive Officer – Mark Cornell
Group Content & Creative Director – Michael Lynas
Group International Business Officer – Nick Potter
Chief Financial Officer – Shanmae Teo
Chief Commercial Officer – Adam Kenwright
Chief Growth Officer – Sarah Calcott
Chief Human Resources Officer – Sofia Fleming
Chief Technology Officer – Alexandra Duncan
Group Customer Officer – HervĂ© Hannequin